Episode #2:  Maya Zuckerman, Changing the Narrative

Maya Zuckerman has worked with both brands and social change organizations, developing brand narratives and strategies.  Drawing from her experience transmedia producer,  storyteller and culture hacker we discuss the role of design thinking in storytelling as well as the importance of defining a vision that involves action.

As a cultural observer, Maya has been asking the question, “How do we start to build a more just and caring world?”  Out of this inquiry she has developed an alternative to the hero’s journey, The Collective Journey.

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In today’s episode we talk about:

  1. The design thinking process
    The design thinking process: from ideation to testing to delivery
  2. The 360 design approach to story
    that not only considers the audience as a persona, but looks at the interactive nature of content. She reflects on how stories now take on a life of their own because of social media and user-generated content.
  3. Creating your vision
    Often, social change is focused on creating movements, which is a systems approach. If you are serving people – what do you want to serve them.  This question can help you define your vision and action.
  4. Memes
    The use meme’s in bringing out this big vision.
  5. Changing the narrative
    The need for an alternative to the hero’s journey formula.  Moving towards The Collective Journey.
  6. Love versus fear
    The dichotomy between the ideas that are spreading for human good and those using fear based propaganda.

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