A podcast about design thinking, storytelling, and social change.

I was inspired to do this show when I was told that a client told me they were looking to create 6-second videos for Vine. Remember Vine? I thought to myself – but your audience isn’t even on Vine…

I created this podcast to inspire intentional storytelling.

With social media, so many people are rushing to publish content and lots of it.

But the world is awash in content. I am interested in stories and stories well told. And I am interested in stories that help us understand our world better and inspire humans to care for themselves, others, the environment, and the planet.

These stories require us to look at what we want to say, but also very importantly, what others are believing. We need to build bridges between their way of thinking and new ways of thinking and seeing.

One of the most influential books I have read that inspired this interest has been Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics by Michael Rabinger. The title doesn’t sound exciting but the exercise that opened my eyes and changed my idea of filmmaking and storytelling was in this book.

What is learned is that in a film, everything matters.

Every little detail from the lighting, the angle of the camera, the sound design, the order of what we see impacts our perception and therefore the meaning we create and the feeling we take away from a film.

In this podcast, I aim to explore the details that make up a story, from our intentions to the story tools we use to tell these stories. I’m also interested in how to get these stories out into the world.

Each season I plan to focus on a different angle of storytelling, interviewing change makers, thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs who are finding ways to share their ideas and insights through their own stories.

I hope their stories inspire you to share your stories.

People are craving good stories, let’s make something great.

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Photo: Ross Wheeler


Laura J. Lukitsch
Filmmaker, Story Consultant, Global Performance Media
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