A Podcast on
design thinking, storytelling and social change.

This podcast is designed for change makers, purpose driven entrepreneurs, activist organizations and nonprofits looking to make change in the world.

This series features
best practices for storytelling

  • that will help you get your message out
  • connect authentically with your audience
  • and inspire audiences to take action.

You’ll hear conversations with

  • creative teams who work on beautiful, authentic and impactful works
  • political thinkers who share ideas for influencing change
  • organizations leveraging storytelling to get their messages out to wider audiences.

Knowing the creative elements that build a powerful story and the strategic methods of getting your message seen and shared will help you make better decisions regarding marketing and outreach resources.

I hope you join me on this journey of discovery, and enjoy hearing from these professionals as much as I do.

Let’s begin.

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Laura J. Lukitsch
Online Video Strategist, Filmmaker and Founder of Global Performance Media

YouTube Series:  Stories for Change