Season 2: Episode 9

Artista Totale Giò Di Sera talks about listening to youth.


This season I am talking to artists and thinkers about the art of listening.

Today I’m talking to Italian artist, musician, radio host and founder of StreetUniverCity, Giò De Sera, also known as, Don Rispetto.

Giò’s radio program, Radio Kanaka International and StreetUniverCity work focuses on bringing context and history of hip hop to the youth of Kreuzberg.The themes he chooses to highlight reflect the needs of that community and their way of experiencing the world. In today’s episode Giò shares some difficult subjects including the impact of bullying or mobbing on the community as well as gentrification and the growth of consumer culture. He also talks about teaching the youth about empowerment and the importance of trusting themselves and the rewards that come from helping the youth to move forward in life.

I met Giò at the ARENA, an interactive public sculpture by Benoît Maubrey made up of hundreds of speakers. The event, produced by the Schöneberg gallery, Zwitschermachine, included a screening of the rap video by Rap G, who was present, produced by StreetUniverCity. Watching from the sculpture, I sat next to several of the young local boys who had been running around all day, unable to sit still, who were suddenly silent. Check out the video by Rap G featuring Drob Dyname, Sag Mir.

So I don’t say this is our reality, this is our truth. This is the only truth. I just say look, you know this information. This is our version. And for me, it’s this version. But in the end, the listener or young people who are learning from us some things, you have to make the difference. You have to choose from all these truths.

– Giò Di Sera

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Born in Neapolitan in 1964, Giò Di Sera has lived in Berlin since 1986 and has been working as a multimedia artist since 1984, with numerous international solo and group exhibitions (Berlin Academy of the Arts, Wewerka Gallery, Raab Gallery, Biennale Venezia, Museo della Scienza, etc.).

In 2006, Di Sera initiated and co-founded StreetUniverCity Berlin eV in the heart of Kreuzberg, whose artistic direction he takes over in 2007 and still holds today.

In addition to artistic activity and mediation, he has been making projects of political and cultural education with children and adolescents since the 1990s. Di Sera has been active in radio since 1993, initially with Radio Kanaka International on Kiss FM, 1998-2008 with RadioMultikulti RBB and since 2009 on In 1997, his project “X FM Eventure Radio” ran parallel to Documenta X.

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