Season 3: Episode 9

Artists Jamila Barakat and Laura J. Lukitsch speak about their first artist residency.




This season I am talking to artists about their first solo.

Over the next several episodes I’ll be sharing reflections on my first artist residency at the lovely Kuba Residency, located at the Kuba Kulturtbahnhof at the north western edge of Brandenburg, two and a half hours outside of Berlin.

Today I am in conversation with Jamila Barakat who is a painter and student at UDK, the University of Art in Berlin, who is also in residency here for three weeks.

We speak about our expectations, about our process and of failure or experimentation. And we talk about creativity and self-esteem, our current projects and some of our past work that have led up to where we are today.

I thought a lot in these last weeks, to act like an artist and be an artist. The definition of artists is various. For me it’s about focusing more on doing and free yourself from pressure, and really focusing and concentrating on what you find interesting and not this influence from the other side.

– Jamila Barakat

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