Season 2: Episode 2

Choreographer Sara Shelton Mann talks about listening.


This season I am talking to artists and thinkers about the art of listening. In winter 2018 I spoke to choreographer and performer, Sara Shelton Mann

In the winter of 2018, Sara Shelton Mann brought Echo/Listening Through Walls to Dock 11 in Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with Anya Cloud and Jesse Zaritt, and composer Pamela Z.

For the podcast, we spoke about listening as a full-body experience. As a dancer, listening with the body is natural but a car accident reduced Sara’s hearing and required her to find other ways of listening. She shares how she listens into space, listens to her life force, to others and to the divine.

Sara reflected on listening as one part of the equation of communication, reflecting on how our thoughts impact what we hear and how we interact.

It’s like listening into space and kind of grabbing bits and pieces of information as they float from non-local consciousness into space and time and I just grab bits of it.

– Sara Shelton Mann

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Sara Shelton Mann is a choreographer, performer, and teacher. Her performance work is a platform for collaboration and research in consciousness. She also serves as the artistic director for Mixed Bag Productions. Her Movement Alchemy training incorporates studies in the metaphysical and healing traditions. Visit: Sara Shelton Mann

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Photo credits: main image Robbie Sweeny, headshot Mark McBeth