Season 2: Episode 1

Choreographer Yannis Adoniou talks about listening


This season I am talking to artists and thinkers about the art of listening. In winter 2018 I spoke dancer and choreographer Yannis Adoniou about his work and how listening influences his practice. He spoke about the importance of making conscious choices of what we listen to and how we give feedback.

I’m very conscious to what I’m allowing myself to listen to. There are many things that I don’t want to listen to because through the channel of listening things enter into our body, into our brain.

– Yannis Adoniou

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Yannis Adoniou has become known for his unusual and highly visual theatrical dance works, which merge different art forms, often creating unexpected collisions and provocative beauty. He is a dancer, choreographer, master teacher and director of KUNST-STOFF.

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Photo credits: main image Evann Siebens