Season 1: Episode 10

Katie Lorah, IOBY, talks about embracing change.


A fundamental part of the design thinking process is to build empathy with your audience and discover their needs through direct conversations.

IOBY’s model for social change embraces that form the core of everything they do. They have developed an innovative way of pairing a tech-based crowdfunding platform with on the ground organizing to foster social change one small campaign at a time.

And the stories that help raise funds are mostly shared not online, but offline, one conversation at a time.

Community members are testing their ideas and creating their own prototypes within the community. Only their prototypes are not apps, they are often old school technology like zip ties and lawnmowers. And these prototypes are having a large positive ripple effect across a community.

I spoke with Katie Lorah, Director of Communications and Creative Strategy at IOBY, about their approach.

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