Season 1: Episode 1

Ray Wan, Earthjustice, talks about the importance of fighting hard and speaking out

In this episode, I speak to Ray Wan, Creative Director at Earthjustice, a law firm based in San Francisco with attorneys in states across the country.  We spoke shortly after Trump took office about social change and best practices for getting your message out.

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Best practices and insights from the episode


  1. Always have top level messaging points.
    When you are communicating, whether on Facebook, YouTube or a newsletter, what are the three to five things that you want someone to walk away understanding regarding your issue?
  2. People make decisions based on emotions, and then justify them based on rationality.
    Facts back up emotions, they don’t change them.
  3. Images rule.
    On both Facebook and Twitter – messages with images always do better.
  4. Video for Facebook – 1-2 minute shorts do well.
    Ray’s favorite channel to follow on Facebook for examples of video is AJ+
  5. Longer form video is not dead.
    Longer form videos (5-10 minutes) work well for advocacy, public education, brand building and getting more in-depth information across.

During these times, it is important to remember how much progress we’ve made and continue to make.

“It’s important to remember that if you do fight hard and you speak out, not just on issues that concern you but really come together as a movement and speaking out on these many, many other issues that are important in the progressive space, that’s how you win”  Ray Wan

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