Season 1: Episode 6

Fay Darmawi talks about Exploring Urban Narratives


Fay Darmawi, was inspired to start the SF Urban Film Fest after she saw the lack of public outcry for the elimination of the Redevelopment Agency, an agency in California that helped to finance affordable housing in cities that were increasingly becoming unaffordable for anyone but the wealthy.  At the time, Fay had been working in affordable housing finance for 20 years and could see the imminent challenges the dissolution of this funding source would produce.

In this episode Fay talks about storytelling, using story to humanize policy work, the importance of examining dominant public narratives and her current project, an activist documentary series called Society’s Soul.

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We also talk about the role that filmmaking has in creating new public narratives, from TED Talks to documentary series.

“I think that the great advantage that we need to leverage off of filmmaking and filmmakers as planners, social policy wonks and bureaucrats is the way that filmmaking, as an art form, can stretch your imagination to the extent that a film can make you think about the world in radically different ways.”  Fay Darmawi, SF Urban Film Fest

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