Season 3: Episode 6

Radio producer Gabi Schaffner talks about recording in the field.


This season I am talking to artists about their first solo.

Gabi Schaffner’s audio and radio works push the boundaries of the formats she works in.

She has created vinyl albums based on music she composes from field recordings, and stretched the scope of live radio, from her collaborations, inviting artists to perform live in the garden.

This conversation will give you a window into Gabi’s creative process and the imagination that infuses her work. In a way you are invited to step into a reality that is alive, from plants to sneezes, Gabi animates the world around us in a way that is fun, curious and delightful.

I don’t think it’s about funding. It’s about creating, or working, or communicating respectfully with your surroundings and with your human fellows. – Gabi Schaffner

Listen Here

Gabi Schaffner works as an interdisciplinary artist and curator in the field of radio art and visionary documentation. Productions for Deutschlandfunk Kultur in the areas of feature and sound art as well as for Hessischer Rundfunk, BBC, ABC Australia and the international radio art network She has been the co-founder and organizer of Datscha Radio since 2012 and a passionate gardener since 2007.



Photo credits – Headshot: Tina-Marie Friedrich