Season 1: Episode 5

Chiara Sani talks about Using Video for Fundraising

When looking to raise $10 million dollars for a capital campaign, Bowman School Director of Development, Chiara Sani, turned turned to video as a tool for telling the story of why not only this expansion but their approach to education was so important for the next generations.

In this episode Chiara shares her lessons learned, both challenges and successes, of creating her first videos.

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Chiara wears many hats as development director as she is raising funds for three campaigns.  This being her first experience with video, Chiara shares a few lessons for other folks who might be doing their first video.


Lessons Learned

  • If you ask people to participate, be prepared for both the no and the yes
  • Getting clear on your goals helps clarify the video process
  • An emotional appeal helps motivate people to take action

“I think what is hard is to get people to do something that you want them to do. So whatever social change is, or whatever social change means, it involves action. What video does, I think, makes that message more immediate, more palatable, and easier to spread. And if the video also evokes emotions, and has that emotional appeal, then it can help social change because people then are more willing to take that extra step, “

– Chiara Sani, Development Director, Bowman School