STAYING POSITIVE, Emily Gutierrez, Amnesty International USA

When working on social change issues, how do we stay positive?  That is the question I asked Emilia Gutierrez, Directory of Online Engagement at Amnesty International USA.

Emilia started her journey in social change work on the campaign trail for Obama and has experience working in various social change organizations that leverage new ways of communicating with supporters and influences, including

One of her tests for a good story is, does her mother understand the message?  Whether she is asking her mother or supporters, having empathy for the audience is a key to the success of her storytelling approach.



As for staying positive, Emilia focuses on three Ws:

Why:  For Emilia this ties back to remembering the mission of Amnesty International and the founder story.

Wins:  These wins might be big (releasing an immigrant family from detention) or incremental (hearing how letters kept someone’s spirits up).

What we can do as individuals:  Amnesty’s philosophy is that every individual can make a difference.  So Emilia focuses on what one person can do today based on their interests and capacity.  Everything counts.



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What are you doing to stay positive?

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[Image:  Jordi Bernabeu Farrús from Flickr]